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The load performance and engineering application of oil bear
Method of assembling bearing bearing Feng Jing interpretatio
Do you understand the oil bearing?
Powder metallurgy has solved the problem of traditional indu
Powder metallurgy technology fills the gaps in medical field
Not the traditional powder metallurgy science technology
      Changzhou Feng Jing Precision Bearing Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Changzhou City, located in the Jiangnan Yumizhixiang Cui Henglin town bridge. Is a high-end powder metallurgy oil bearing and other products specializing in R & D and production of the company. Mainly used for: all electric tools, generator, automobile, motorcycle, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, garden tools, medical equipment, fitness equipment, office equipment, motor, Suo, textile machine and so on. The company has advanced technology....
Tel: +86 519-83991655
Fax: +86 0519-83332655
Mob: 13961158003
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.diszbc.icu
Zip code: 213000
Addr: Henglin double Rong Village,Wujin District,Changzhou city,jiangsu
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Addr:Henglin double Rong Village,Wujin District,Changzhou city,jiangsu  Tel:+86 519-83991655    
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